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Welcome to Hill Country Homeplace! I am so glad that you are here!  My name is Colleen Cummings. I am a Christ follower, wife, work at home mother of three boys, and life long learner/explorer.  I live with my “Handy Hubby” Victor and three sons in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.

Victor is an independent  home builder and renovator by trade and we have designed and built, as well as renovated several of our own homes over the years here in the hills. This has necessitated many moves from one house to the next!  But the common theme in each of the places that we have landed is that I always desire to make each place HOME!  

As a newlywed, home meant a stereotypical domestic scene.  A sweet and simple place for the two of us to return to each day and stare deep into each others eyes as we dreamt of our future together (insert dreamy sigh.) Later, when I became a Mama, home meant a safe place to nurture our sweet blessings while striving each day to maintain sleep deprived sanity as the little darlings drained all my energy!

But later….when the children were a little older and more independent my visions of home became something rural, messy, and exciting because it would be a place that we could all live, learn explore, and grow together! So, true to myself, I daydreamed, researched, prayed, and chattered away endlessly with the hubby.  This view of home continues to expand and transform as we continue to seek the Lord’s guidance and attempt to bravely step through doors he opens.  We started out with chickens that the boys own and sell to us to learn responsibility and business skills, we began homeschooling , implemented a rainwater catchment system, struggled with a garden in the limestone here in the hills, and learned many new skills in the kitchen and elsewhere in attempts to improve our life and health at home.

Our current adventure has us living in and renovating/restoring a 120 year old home on a cash only budget!  Yep, this life is challenging, but it is beautiful, and sooo worth it!

Why are we here?

As I mentioned earlier, I tend to research ideas quite a bit! Over the years, I have discovered that it is much easier to persuade Handy Hubby to go along with my hair-brained DIY ideas if I had gathered some information beforehand. The quest to educate myself about each prospective project has revealed to me that there are folks like me out there.  Each with a wealth of hard earned knowledge, laughter,  and encouragement.

I have loved sharing in the life and adventures of families I read about and watch all across our country.  There is a community that exists as successes and failures are shared.  Thus, I desire to create a unique space here. Where you can come alongside my family and I as we try new things and learn together.  So, again I say welcome and I hope you feel at home.

Because, around here, we think home is the best place!