Leaks and Thorns

Ladies and gentlemen, we now interrupt our regularly scheduled post in order to search for a water leak!☹️

When your water bill keeps creeping upward, the toilet test doesn’t show a leak, and you can’t find a soggy or surprisingly green area on your property what do you do?

Yup, break out shovel and get to digging!

No, we haven’t found it yet, but we are not done searching.

Even so, as we were taking turns with the shovel I couldn’t help but think how many things about this scenario I should be grateful for.

  • We have ready access to fresh, clean water.
  • We live in an area where the ground isn’t frozen this time of year.
  • We have tools and our health to aid in the search.
  • We discovered an area with twelve plus inches of topsoil and far fewer rocks than many places here in the hills. (I may be able to have my garden after all!)

Finally, I am glad the Lord saw fit to bless me with a family. My “babies”who are rapidly passing me up vertically, make every day better! I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

As the preacher who married Handy Hubby and I often said, we live in a thorny world.

And yet when we let gratefulness leak in it brings joy with it!

Praise God!

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