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Bite your tongue! - Hill Country Homeplace

Bite your tongue!

It was moving day…No Moving Day…..No, MOVING IN DAY!! Woohoo! We woke up on a Saturday morning in April pumped because this was finally the day that we were going to move into our new/old house!!!

No more hauling the septic, no more laundry at the laundromat, a full size bathroom, and personal space!!!

Now remember, our travel trailer that we have been living in for seven months while we renovated this home was parked on site.  So, Handy Hubby went to the storage units where all of our furniture was being stored to meet the movers at 9AM while the boys and I began carrying kitchen, bath and bedroom items from the travel trailer to the house.  Back and forth we went carrying sheets, towels, dishes, instant pot, and school books.  Around 11:30 AM we had carried over most of the everyday necessities and my (always hungry)children were beginning to make noise about lunch.  So I called Handy Hubby thinking that it was likely that the truck was close to being loaded and that I could have sandwiches waiting for our family and the movers.  I just needed to know how many movers there were. So, I called Hubs up.

However, I could tell that something was not right as soon as he answered. The movers (the same moving company that had moved us out of our previous home and into these very units), were a no show.  They hadn’t met him, as agreed upon, at 9AM.  He called at 9:30AM, no answer.  He called at 10 AM. They told him they were having trouble with one of their trucks, but would be there by 11:00AM with a different truck.  It was now 11:30AM and they are nowhere to be seen and no longer answering his phone calls.  Handy Hubby told me to feed the children and he would drive over to the moving company’s office to find out what was going on.

The boys and I ate lunch and waited and waited…..and waited. At 1:00PM Handy Hubby drove up. He quietly told us that he did not think that the movers were coming.

I said he was quiet, but y’all he was really, really quiet!! I knew he was furious! Our children, however, could not figure out what was going on! Daddy doesn’t get really angry very often and these kids just were not reading the signals correctly!

When are the movers going to be here?

Why do you think they didn’t show up, answer their phone, bring me my legos?What are we going to do now?

I gave Daddy some lunch and then pulled my little darlings aside and begged them to please not ask Daddy anymore questions, I told him that yes Daddy and I wanted answers to all of their questions.  However, we did not have satisfactory answers just then and Daddy was just as upset as they were and that he was working hard to control his temper.

Once Hubs had eaten I asked if he didn’t think that we as a family could go to the storage units and pull out just our beds. If we had our beds, we could sleep in the house that night.  He agreed that we could use our flatbed trailer to haul the beds but warned that getting them out would not be easy. Since they were packed into the units like a giant tetris game!

He was certainly right, but we were motivated! All the beds came out and were set up! That night when we showered and climbed into our very own beds again for the first time in months we were so grateful!

Yes, we can do hard things!

Yes, the Lord is faithful!

As yes, biting your tongue is sometimes necessary, advisable, and quite commendable!

P.S. We got a recommendation for a mover who actually showed up on time Monday morning and moved all the rest of our belongings into the house!


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