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Offer Accepted! - Hill Country Homeplace

Offer Accepted!

After all that searching, though it was hard to believe, we had a contract on a new home!!  An old home, which needed a lot of work.  So, we had the house professionally inspected. The report said we needed to have a new roof and some foundation repairs.  The sellers quickly lowered their price to accommodate the cost of these repairs. And just like that, we finally knew where we were going!

The new plan was to park the fifth wheel travel trailer on the property near our new house. So, that we could be on site to work and oversee any work that we had contracted!

So into the fifth wheel we moved! We closed and set up our new digs on August 14, 2017.  (I remember this exact date, because it was also our 18th wedding anniversary!) We expected the renovations to our new house to take 3-4 months.

We finally moved out of the fifth wheel and into the new house in March of 2018. Yes, that’s seven months in the fifth wheel and no the renovation was not complete. Far from it!

You see, after all these months of living close together, slowly working on ALL THE PROJECTS, cooking almost exclusively in an instant pot, hauling the portable septic to empty into the main tank, paying to store our belongings, and homeschooling in a fifth wheel (oh yes school must carry on) we were DONE waiting!!!

At least my kids and I were done! You see one Friday evening we called my husband on his way home from work and told him that when he got home we needed to have family meeting!!

We explained to him that we had one fully functioning bathroom, the bedrooms were complete and the kitchen had counters and a sink and we wanted to move in pronto!!

Only one bathroom did not bother us. It was full size!

No oven, no problem. It was supposed to be delivered the next week. So what was one more week of the instant pot.

The living room and the study were not completed. Not to worry, we would figure something out. Guaranteed there would be more room to recreate than in the fifth wheel.

The exterior of the house still needed scraping and painting. NO WAY were we living in a travel trailer until that was completed!!

Handy Hubby got the picture and agreed to move us in as soon as possible!

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