Rolling Home

Oh my! We had a contract on our current house and a closing date on the calendar!  The search for a new landing place continued.  We were looking for a new home that we could move right into, an older home that we could customize, and raw land that we could build on.

What? Oh you say that’s confusing? Agreed, my friend! It was confusing and overwhelming! You see, properties in our price range were moving so quickly that we were willing to consider everything!!

In fact, as the closing date neared (and we had no prospective property in sight) we became VERY open minded and that is how this became our rolling home!

The “plan” was that we would live in this fifth wheel travel trailer while searching for property to buy.  We were afraid to rent a house and then find a place that we wanted to buy and be stuck in a rental contract.  Plus, having a portable home to go on adventures seemed fun and exciting! So, hubby drove to Oklahoma and pulled this baby home! After months of searching for a new place to lay our heads, we were so excited when he pulled into the drive with this! Now we could load it up with the five of us, two cats, and a dog and head to the nearest RV park!

“Crazy,” you say! Ummm, yep….crazy that’s how we roll!! 😉 See what I did there!

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